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The Summer schedule commences on June 11th & you can join in any time

Book 1 class per week for the 6 week term rate
Add-on a 2nd class at a discounted rate

Weekly Classes

Yoga for Groups - at your work/home

Class series can be booked by private groups at home or at your workplace.  Groups can also be accommodated at the studio.  The advantage is working your class into your busy schedule at a time that suites and without the travel.  

Yoga for Teens & Pre-teens

Offering skills to cultivate calm, focus, self esteem.  

Ages 12-16.

Teaching skills at this crucial phase of life that become tools for life.  Classes will focus on personal and emotional wellbeing, physical awareness, self esteem, calm focus and managing emotions.  The lessons use the tools of physical yoga, meditation and link the practice to real life challenges e.g.. dealing with overwhelm and finding focus, self-soothing, self acceptance…

Pilates Mat for Core Training & Strength

Pilates Mat for Core Training, taught in alignment with classical Pilates methodology and integrity. Functional movement for healthy living.




Fabulous first experience. I had the opportunity to experiment yoga for the first time with Linda. I was initially anxious because I had no previous background but she really managed to give me a real understanding of the core of Yoga. After this first session, I left having a better understanding of my body and the importance of breathing and correct positioning. She has passion, experience, and she is a fantastic instructor. I would highly recommend and can’t wait for my next session !
Kabira Allen
Fashion Designer
I could not recommend Linda's yoga practice highly enough! Her classes cater for everyone no matter what level you at and always leave class feeling you have achieved something! I have found such huge benefits for both body and mind that truly stay with me well beyond the classroom! Linda has an amazing ability to break down and explain the practice so I always feel I am improving and learning. If you are looking for a worthwhile and beneficial yoga practice and a fantastic teacher look no further.
Jacinta Doyle
Special Needs Tutor

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