Sadhana Yoga

Sadhana Yoga studio is a quirky venue with some interesting neighbours in The Folly (junction between Michael St and The Faythe).  Street parking is available only minutes walk away. The newly renovated studio is warm and welcoming.

There are classes to suite you and your practice at various stages of life, level of experience and to suite the pace suited to your body.  See the class listing below and visit the teacher profile section to find out more about your teacher

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga

New Term | September 3rd. Pay-as -you-go welcome

Whether you’re new to Yoga or a seasoned Practitioner, we have classes from entry level for Newbies with a progression path to Develop and Deepen your practice. The classes explore the full breadth of Yoga as a tool for Self Cultivation, employing a practice comprising of Asana (posture), Pranayama (breath control), Pratyahara (withdrawal from the senses), Dharana (control of the senses), Dhyana (meditation). Attention is given to safe alignment, building strength, healthy range of movement and breath connection for the beginner, moving progressively toward an intelligent and dynamic practice that frees the body from restriction and cultivates awareness and resilience of the mind.  

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Hatha Yoga

New Term | September 4th. Pay-as -you-go welcome

Traditional Hatha Yoga explored through gentle build up through accessible breath connected activities.  Our Gentle Hatha class is suitable for those who prefer a gentle pace, those new or recovering from injury or simply from mental fatigue. Our traditional Hatha Yoga for Beginners and Level two develops the practice encouraging students to explore the practice mindfully and cultivating the ability to remain connected and Mindful (Level 2) as the practice evolves and becomes flowing and dynamic.

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New Term | September 17th

We offer Mindfulness Meditation courses with the Beginners entry level introducing you to the tenets of a grounded practice.  You can progress and cultivate your practice, developing upon this grounding with the Progressive level 2 course.  You will also have the opportunity to practice and explore meditation at our Sunday Sits – Meditation through the Buddhist Teachings – on the last Sunday of the month.  

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One to Ones

As well as group classes we offer personal Yoga and Pilates one to one sessions tailored to your specific needs and preferences. The session involves assessment and will help you to work with limitations, manage existing injury, and give you the tools to make modifications/adjustments in line with your safety, and with your progression in mind. With one to one sessions, the teacher can address specific issues or questions, which is not always possible in a group class, and create a suitable home practice plan for you based on your aims and expectations.

Other Classes

The studio can take up to 18 people and classes run every day.  Classes, masterclasses and workshops are taught by a number of fully qualified,  highly experienced teachers and truly passionate individuals.

Japa Mantra Meditation - Early Morning Sit

Japa is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘to mutter’ or ‘to repeat’ in a muttering tone. What is being muttered/repeated is a mantra, which can be a word or a sound to aid concentration in meditation.

Yoga for Groups - at the Studio or your work/home

Class series can be booked by private groups at home or at your workplace.  Groups can also be accommodated at the studio.  The advantage is working your class into your busy schedule at a time that suites and without the travel.  

Yoga Teacher Training Programme 2018

Sat & Sun morning Practice is open to the public. Limited places available.

This training will first and foremost allow you to deepen your practice and secondarily equip you to teach in a safe and intelligent manner.  

Pilates Mat for Core Training & Strength

Pilates Mat for Core Training, taught in alignment with classical Pilates methodology and integrity. Functional movement for healthy living.



Workshops and weekend Events

We have an exciting and variable listing of weekend workshops coming up, from our Buddhist Meditation Sunday Sits, to A Day of discourse and meditation with Clive Holmes to Sound Healing… Find out more by clicking the “read more” button below.


Fabulous first experience. I had the opportunity to experiment yoga for the first time with Linda. I was initially anxious because I had no previous background but she really managed to give me a real understanding of the core of Yoga. After this first session, I left having a better understanding of my body and the importance of breathing and correct positioning. She has passion, experience, and she is a fantastic instructor. I would highly recommend and can’t wait for my next session !
Kabira Allen
Fashion Designer
I could not recommend Linda's yoga practice highly enough! Her classes cater for everyone no matter what level you at and always leave class feeling you have achieved something! I have found such huge benefits for both body and mind that truly stay with me well beyond the classroom! Linda has an amazing ability to break down and explain the practice so I always feel I am improving and learning. If you are looking for a worthwhile and beneficial yoga practice and a fantastic teacher look no further.
Jacinta Doyle
Special Needs Tutor

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