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Laying Foundations - Refining your Practice - Level 1
New to yoga? This is a great place to start. This class emphasizes the fundamentals of an asana (posture) practice, safe alignment, building strength, healthy range of movement and breath connection for the beginner. The class is structured so that the body is prepared and warmed up for the standing postures and comprehensive breakdown and step by step instruction is given throughout. Modifications are offered and time spent refining posture work for safety and in order to build strength and clarity of mind in order to progress and establish a stable foundation and a sense of confidence. The sequential manner of the practice (vinyasa krama) helps with clarity of action and focus of mind to cultivate inner stillness. The class concluded with time spent “tuning-in” and “letting go” through Sivasana.
Suitable for men and women of all ages and levels of fitness. Also highly recommended to those returning to practice following a break, illness or injury (first consult with your GP)
Some of the benefits include:
Reduced stress
Increased strength
Improved mental clarity
Enhanced posture
Improved muscle tone and flexibility
Developed sense of balance and harmony

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