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Gentle Hatha Yoga - All Levels/Recovery class

Mindfulness in Motion for Beginners - Laying Foundations

Dynamic Mindfulness - Cultivating the Practice

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Gentle Hatha Yoga

Suitable for Beginners, those who prefer a gentle pace, those in recovery from physical or mental exhaustion

This Gentle Yoga combined with Somatic movement class is suitable for those who may be in need of restoring the body and mind as a result of the effects of stress, injury, illness, for sports poeple who have over-trained and are in need of recovery and the active & retired. Also ideal for those who prefer a gentle practice focusing on deep relaxation and letting go.
The science and art of releasing muscle tension requires alignment, support and integrating the parasympathetic nervous systems role in release and relaxation, through a deep connection with the breath, tuning in to bodies sensations and appreciating the subtle feedback, brings us to a deeper state of mind-body integration.

Mindfulness in Motion

Introduction to the Foundations of Traditional Hatha Yoga

A Yoga flow suitable for all, with an emphasis on connecting the movement to the breath. 

Mindful sequences will help cultivate an inner awareness and create space in both the body and the mind. 

Dynamic Mindfulness

Developing the Practice Body and Mind

A dynamic Yoga flow through creative sequences.  This is an energetic practice that also allows for meditative moments of stillness to focus on breath and integration of body in relation to it's parts, breath in relation to the pose and transition and breath in it's placement throughout the practice. 


Thank you Linda for giving me a life long love of yoga! Linda knows all her yogi's flaws and strengths and ensures we all progress at personal paces. She is the most knowledgeable yoga teacher around and I have enjoyed learning the reasoning and power behind different poses. Linda's yoga is both professional and rewarding. 5 stars!
Maurice Delaney

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