The Art of Letting Go, involves the practice of assessing where you are in the moment and applying activity which leads you into a more connected space.  Sometimes we need to shake it all off in a dynamic manner and there are times when our energy levels are simply too depleted for this, yet our exhaustion leads us to “switching off” rather than “tuning in”.  Letting Go and deep connection require an alert relaxation, an effective blend of Sthira and Sukha (Steadiness and Ease).  Being “too wired” Or “too tired” can act as a barrier to dropping into our own centre and becoming clear and still.


A series of 2 Winter workshops will explore Letting Go to deeply connect with our true nature. Two factors that frequently create barriers to accessing this are:


  1. Chronic Physical contraction from Relentless Mental Activity
  2. Exhaustion, Depletion on a mental and physical level, which can be the phase we move into when our reserves can no longer support constant internal activity.


The first Workshop is designed to allow the internal activity to be expressed through both grounding and dynamic physical work, breath connection, keen focus and warming the body in preparation for a deep letting go in the second half of the workshop.


The second Workshop is designed to prepare the body for work of a Restorative nature.  Gentle flowing activity and Somatic Movement will precede the Restorative session of the workshop.


Both workshops will give you an opportunity to explore the value of each approach and help you to discern your deeper needs and which approach will lead to an effective practice for your health, clarity, and happiness.


When the system is cluttered with tension and mind activity there is no space for inspiration to surface.  When the system is run down and depleted creativity cannot be summoned. Make room for the breath to move in the body, the vital life force to flow and to tune in.


Both workshops will be held at the beautiful National Opera House.

SATURDAY 21st November, 10am to 12:30pm           Effort to Surrender

SATURDAY 12th December, 10am to 12:30pm          Restore and Tune In


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