Level 2

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Developing your Practice
Building upon Foundations - Level 2
This class builds upon the foundations and moves at a more flowing pace. A basic grounding in yoga activities through attendance at Beginners level is required to attend this class as we develop our practice, through more advanced asana, refining poses and alignment, cultivate correct use of breath and breath connected movement.
If you are unsure as to whether you are ready for this class it is recommended that you attend the Vinyasa Yoga – Level 1, Beginners class for a term.

Level 3

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Deepening your Practice
Establishing the full breadth of Vinyasa Yoga practice - Level 3
This is a strong, flowing, heat building class helping students to establish and integrate bandha and pranayama within challenging physical activities. Sequencing and transitioning are featured to cultivate and maintain focus and mental connection throughout.
This class is geared toward students with a minimum of two years yoga practice.


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