Level 3

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Level 3 - Deepening your Practice

Establishing the full breadth of Yoga practice

This is a strong, flowing, heat building class helping students to establish and integrate bandha and pranayama within challenging physical activities. Sequencing and transitioning are featured to cultivate and maintain focus and mental connection throughout. For the practice to evolve the mind must pay keen attention to the activity while addressing the blockages and patterns that reveal themselves during the practice.

The style of practice addresses the blockages, tensions and maladaptive patterns through the use of; static poses, squating, linear and spiraling actions, all utilise the bodies natural movement patterns progressively.  The engagement of and  work from ones centre, and connection with the legs is essential and teach one to act without requiring manipulation or force using the hands.  The downward energy accessed through the legwork brings grounding and stability, the spiralling actions refine coordination of body and breath whilst activating the channels, the dynamic forms release tension and obstructions throughout the body. This class is geared toward students with a minimum of two years yoga practice.


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