pILATES - LEVEL 1 - Beginners

This class introduces you to the foundational pilates exercises, integrating core training and neutral working posture.  We lead into the class by accessing the core, using the breath and establishing neutral before moving into the exercises, to ensure we are moving from the correct place.

This class is open to Newbies, those of all ages, sizes and fitness levels.

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This class is for those transitioning from beginners to intermediate level practice. Some experience is advised - which is offered through our Core Training/Strengthening workshop. The activities will be offered at different intensities to suite different levels of experience and strength.  This is  flowing class with a full body workout, interspersed with stretching activites, for a well rounded practice which will leave you feeling free and fluid in your movements, focused and relaxed in mind.

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What My Students Say

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I have been attending Linda's Pilates classes for the last couple of years and have seen a huge improvement in my posture and core strength. Linda is a great instructor and she makes sure each class is different and moves at a suitable pace. I love attending each class and would highly recommend pilates with Linda

Liz O' Connor Home Maker February 12, 2017

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