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Beginners - Core Training

Progressive - Core Strengthening


Laying Foundations for an effective Practice with Core Training - Level 1

This class introduces you to the foundational pilates exercises, integrating core training and neutral working posture. We lead into the class by accessing the core, using the breath and establishing neutral before moving into the exercises, to ensure we are moving from the correct place.

This class is open to Newbies, those of all ages, sizes and fitness levels.


Progressively challenging Core Strength and developing tone and flexibility - Level 2

This class is for those transitioning from beginners to intermediate level practice. Some experience is advised – which is offered through our Core Training/Strengthening workshop. The activities will be offered at different intensities to suite different levels of experience and strength. This is flowing class with a full body workout, interspersed with stretching activites, for a well rounded practice which will leave you feeling free and fluid in your movements, focused and relaxed in mind.

Core Training Workshop

Working from the Core requires a clear understanding of the difference between the intrinsic core stabilising muscle group and the surrounding phasic (moving) muscle groups.  This workshop will equip you with the knowledge so that the mind is clear AND the “feeling” of connecting with the muscle groups that require to be active when practicing Pilates.  We will use props to help with sensory feedback and practice activities to help us know when we are compensating by using phasic muscles, in order to develop an effective Pilates practice and functional movement. Notifications will be posted about up-coming workshops. One-to-one’s are also available for Core Training. 

How Pilates Works

Pilates is a system of controlled exercises that engage the mind and condition the entire body.
A well rounded pilates session will integrate exercises to release tension in tight muscle groups. The combination of Core integrity, Breathwork, Strengthening and Flexibility training, conditions the body in a balanced manner.
For Postural Alignment and to stabilize the spine and pelvis during all activity, expecially weight bearing exercise. Here the superficial muscles work hard, but without the deep core muscle engagement, micro-movements (due to lack of core muscle integrity), can lead to wear, tear and injury.
To Move with efficiency and ease. The core muscles work together anticipating movement and load. They are Intelligent. Learn to connect with them. Don’t waste energy, Exercise smart, Improve performance.
To Develop lean toned muscles. The initial Core training is a pre-requisite to Core Strengthening. The latter refers to the exercises that load the core through weight and movement. Moving with control, precision and isolating muscle groups means an intense and effective workout which also builds strength.
Lean muscle tone (without restrictive bulk)
Improved efficient breathing
Spine and pelvic alignment for healthy pain free static and moving posture
Ability to move with ease, stability, balance and efficiency
A greater body awareness


Thank you Linda for giving me a life long love of yoga! Linda knows all her yogi's flaws and strengths and ensures we all progress at personal paces. She is the most knowledgeable yoga teacher around and I have enjoyed learning the reasoning and power behind different poses. Linda's yoga is both professional and rewarding. 5 stars!
Maurice Delaney

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