Sound Healing Workshop with Tibetan Singing Bowls with Simone


TIME: 10:30am to 2pm

COST: €45

This 3,5 hour workshop will allow you to get to know the healing power of the sound of Tibetan singing bowls.
After a short introduction about the singing bowls (origin, material, tones, chakras) we explore different tapping techniques how to create mutiple tones as well as how to make a bowl sing beautifully. You will also learn and experience techniques how to work on and off the body as well as giving and receving a wonderful "sound massage".
The workshop finishes with a wonderful "sound bath", where you are invited to fully immerse into the pure experience of sound and vibration of Tibetan Singing bowls. This allows your body to reach a deep levels of relaxation and your mind finds a place inner stillness and peace.
Bring your own Singing bowl if you have one, otherwise Singing bowls will be provided (and for sale).
Contact Linda on 0873113100 for further information or to book your place.