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Yoga for Womens Wellbeing Class Series

Six week class series commences October 16th

Yoga for Womens Wellbeing

Yoga for Womens Wellbeing (referred to as Womb Yoga) is all about reconnecting with the deep blood wisdom of womb cycles throughout the whole of a woman’s life, from pre-menarche to post-menopause. The practice of Womb Yoga enables us to access the inner guidance of our source wisdom so that we may more readily reside in wellbeing and peace with our experiences as women.

Womb Yoga is an experience of re-connection, a sense of re-discovered grace, ease and delight in the profound power of Shakti, the feminine life force that animates the universe. It is about honouring with spiritual awareness the experiences of girls and women from pre-menarche to post-menopause.

Womb Yoga is not even just for women with wombs, because certainly the nurturing and creative energies of the womb space can resonate powerfully in the lives of women who no longer have wombs. And to practice Womb Yoga can be a deeply healing and nurturing experience in the months and years following hysterectomy.


Thank you Linda for giving me a life long love of yoga! Linda knows all her yogi's flaws and strengths and ensures we all progress at personal paces. She is the most knowledgeable yoga teacher around and I have enjoyed learning the reasoning and power behind different poses. Linda's yoga is both professional and rewarding. 5 stars!
Maurice Delaney

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