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Sadhana Yoga Wexford Linda

Root to Rise - A Morning Yoga Workshop on establishing foundations for an effective physical and mental practice - Linda O'Grady

Yoga - Pranayama - Meditation
Saturday 6th April - 10am to 1pm
Location: National Opera House, High St., Wexford

The fundamentals of this morning workshop will help you to establish an understanding and feeling of a foundation (with the body parts that connects with the earth/floor) for stability and integrity. That means paying careful attention to precisely how you plant your feet, hands, forearms—whatever is touching the ground. That is the seed of your pose. How you place those body parts directly affects your pose’s ability to grow.

The standing poses will be practiced to establish connection of the lower limbs and to release the obstruction of the ankles and hips in order to free the spine. The upper limb activities will include non weight bearing fascial work to free the wrists into the shoulders, allowing us to access the thoracic cavity and to experience the body in a spacious manner.

We will explore the foundations of seated poses for meditation, learning how to create a “wide” base for stability of of the body (propping if needed), which can be translated to the mind for effective observation of the mind and attention to the breath.

The vessel for sound is our body and we will explore mantra (chanting) sound for healing.

The practice will be concluded with Rest and sealed with a short meta practice.

Cost:  €35

Sadhana Yoga Wexford Linda

Return to Stillness for Clarity through Heart-Brain Coherence - Linda O'Grady

Yoga inspired alternative to burnout

Find Ease, Clarity, Healing and tap into your bountiful Resilience.  The science behind accent practices through the lens of Yoga over this 2 hour experience will commence with the science behind the existence of the “brain” cells in the heart as well as in the cranial brain and an accessible (familiar to most of you) practice to establish the coherence.   


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This practice done with the knowledge and clarity of intention can deepen your connection to it.  We will also take into account coming through the winter and into the spring. So, awakening the body gently with asana, and stimulating the digestive system, cleanse body/mind with pranayama, practice healing japa mantra and practice Heart-Brain Coherence.  This mini workshop is open to those of all levels of experience.



Sadhana Yoga

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Thank you Linda for giving me a life long love of yoga! Linda knows all her yogi's flaws and strengths and ensures we all progress at personal paces. She is the most knowledgeable yoga teacher around and I have enjoyed learning the reasoning and power behind different poses. Linda's yoga is both professional and rewarding. 5 stars!
Maurice Delaney

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