Yoga for Women, an evening workshop sharing knowledge and practice for positive growth during the stages of change

Thursday 27th October, 6pm to 8:30pm at The Ballet Academy, Studio 2, Westpoint Business Park, Clonard, Wexford.
Investment: €36
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Grounding/Centring, Discourse, Practice, Mindful Rest, Q&A


  1. To explore the physiological changes in a woman's life course through the Ayurvedic lens.
  2. To apply appropriate practice focusing on 3 stages; menstruation, peri-menopause, menopause.
  3. To experience the affect of breath when purposefully engaged.
  4. To appreciate and experience the benefits of relaxation and mindful rest.


Participants will learn how to approach your practice according to your body/mind needs.  You will learn a sequence of forms/poses with particular benefits and when to use them.  You will be introduced to breathing practices to support common symptoms of changes (heat, aches, pain..). And you will learn restful poses for mindful rest.

Yoga to Support Women through Life Transitions

When practiced appropriately, yoga can offer many benefits to a woman's health and wellbeing. The physiological changes that women experience, for some can bring about physical and mental discomfort impacting on their quality of life. Consider the stages of; puberty, preconception, pregnancy, post pregnancy, pre menopause, menopause, post menopause and reflect on the sheer volume of hormonal changes a woman can experience in a lifetime.  And then consider the lack of knowledge, support and space that exists for women to respond to these changes in a healthy reverend manner.  The general benefits of Yoga practice have been extensively researched, but not all practice approaches are appropriate for individual needs and during particular physiological stages.  Strong, heat building practices when there is already internal heat can create dryness and when this is done habitually without adjustment to preserve the body energy, there are longterm affects according to the Ayurvedic system of health. In this system, the energetic state, which will express itself as e.g. pain, heat, aches, anxiety, insomnia.... can be addressed with a Yoga practice that is aimed at preserving energy and maintaining balance through appropriately applied practices.



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