YOGA SOMATICS For deep relaxation

This Gentle Yoga combined with Somatic movement class is suitable for those who may be in need of restoring the body and mind as a result of the effects of stress, injury, illness, for sports poeple who have over-trained and are in need of recovery and the active & retired. Also ideal for those who prefer a gentle practice focusing on deep relaxation and letting go.

The science and art of releasing muscle tension requires alignment, support and integrating the parasympathetic nervous systems role in release and relaxation, through a deep connection with the breath, tuning in to bodies sensations and appreciating the subtle feedback, brings us to a deeper state of mind-body integration.

Suitable for:

  • Absolute Beginners
  • Sports people to conteract under & over utilised musle groups
  • Those recovering from injury
  • Reducing general anxiety and feelings of stress
  • Recovery from tiredness/exhaustion
  • Rebalancing the nervous system
  • Connecting to the physical body - Grounding
  • Cultivating clarity of mind
  • Encourages deep restful sleep

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What My Students Say

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I could not recommend Linda's yoga practice highly enough! Her classes cater for everyone no matter what level you at and always leave class feeling you have achieved something!  I have found such huge benefits for both body and mind that truly stay with me well beyond the classroom! Linda has an amazing ability to break down and explain the practice so I always feel I am improving and learning. If you are looking for a worthwhile and beneficial yoga practice and a fantastic teacher look no further.

Jacinta Doyle Special Needs Tutor February 12, 2017

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