Yoga for Sports

Training for Sports is an art. In the desire to achieve success, there can be a tendency to over train, not experiencing the impact of this until its too late or become injured. It is of value to live for now, but also valuable to honestly asses how current activity (or more specific, approach and attitude to current activity) will effect future physical health and energy. For this inquiry to happen, we need to create space to cultivate the desire for inquiry until it comes organically.  And having said that, not to run away from the answers revealed.  The very nature of the Sports persons mind is that you are driven, motivated and disciplined.  The down side to this is that you can become "pushy" with the body.  And you can only get away with that for so long.  Now don't get me wrong, this is not exclusive to the activity of sports, it's easy to get pushy with anything, including a yoga practice, confusing more postures as more yoga.  If approached with this in mind, yoga practice is one that can give you the room to notice what arises in the mind, like being pushy and use the practice to work on tempering this tendency.

Just doing something harder or faster is not necessarily the most effective approach.  Refinement and doing something efficiently takes a certain discipline and depth of understanding.  For most of us this comes with practice.  Yoga practice if approached with intention offers so many ways to explore physical subtleties, mental activity and disturbance to the breath, whilst working the body.

Yoga practice is not just a physical movement endeavor to stretch out the body, it is a discipline which can (with practice), cultivate an acute awareness of body feedback and mind activity. The breath work within the practice, lends itself to overall more efficient use of breath for life and is not just a technique employed for the duration of the practice. Likewise all the activities in the practice act as a baseline for enhancing the fluid movement and strength of the physical body, and clarity of mind.

The Yoga for Sports classes are designed to:

  • Work the feet correctly for knee health and overall posture health
  • Assess and refine your static and moving alignment for joint health
  • Balance over and under-utilized muscle groups for efficient movement and movement with ease
  • Injury prevention and recovery
  • Learn how to efficiently use the breath
  • Cultivate focus and mindfulness to perform at your best without being aggressive towards your body.

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